Founder of Meanbee, a UK ecommerce agency specialising in Magento.


Talk Synopsis

We’ve seen Magento puff their chest and shout that with the help of Google, they are working on making Magento a PWA. Cool! Right?! Umm, yeah, I mean, well, at least it sounds like something I’d want. I think. Do I really have a choice?

Ok, so let’s back up a bit to work out what’s the philosophy behind PWAs and what features and technologies are important in creating them. How is this going to affect the way we build, with or without the upcoming Magento support?

More about Tom

I live in Bath, UK where I moved in 2007 to study Computer Science. A year later I picked up this new thing called Magento and in 2009 incorporated Meanbee. Graduating a few years later, we’ve since grown the team to 10 people. We focus on getting Magento stores on a stable technical foundation that enables our clients and our team to iteratively improve and innovate.

I enjoy experimenting to see what can be achieved with the latest technologies. When I started out in Magento I was playing with web scraping and used this to perform technology analysis which proved popular. Since then I’ve been involved in making the most of responsive design and now that’s moving on to progressive web apps. More recently I’ve also learnt about different machine learning techniques and particular the IBM Watson APIs.