Founder and President of Razoyo, a Magento-focused systems integrator and digital agency. 6 years experience with Magento.

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  • Talk title Mirror, mirror on the wall. What’s the best way to shop at the mall?

Talk Synopsis
As customers spend less and less time browsing from their desktop and more and more time on devices that they expect to talk to each other, a supplemental ecommerce architecture is required to fit into their world. Paul will demonstrate a customer experience that reflects new customer expectations and sews multiple devices together into a seamless experience.

More about Paul

Paul graduated from the prestigious SDA Bocconi MBA program in Milan, Italy in 1991 and spent the first few years of his career helping a market-leading German company establish its leadership throughout Europe at the time the borders came down in the European Union. He eventually led the French business unit for several years before being recruited by PepsiCo to work in strategic marketing first at Pizza Hut, and, then, at Frito-Lay. In PepsiCo, he found himself gravitating-toward and taking charge of technology-based marketing initiatives. He continued this theme in the early days of online couponing and commerce for the international mega-agency Havas.
In 2002, he was again recruited to work in a private direct sales firm as CMO where he set up their first ecommerce initiatives which he continued to run as a contractor after leaving the company in 2009 to start his own business. He recognized his true passion was ecommerce and founded the Razoyo brand in 2011 as a services company, initially to help merchants on SaaS platforms. When he stumbled on Magento, he knew it was love at first site and has been working on and evangelizing its benefits ever since.
Though self-taught as a developer, Paul’s focus is mainy on architecting solutions for his clients based on Magento, best in class SaaS services and custom modules created by Razoyo’s developer teams.
Razoyo is now a full-service, developer-heavy SI located in Dallas, Texas with over 100 clients worldwide.