Senior Magento Developer at Something Digital. Tech blogger. Open source coder.

Talk Synopsis
From browser caching, to full page caching, to code caching, to Magento “indexes”, this talk explores the many types of caching that are at play when serving a Magento web page to a user’s browser and asks the question… “What would the world be like, without any caching?”

More about Max

Max is a self-taught PHP developer who got his start building WordPress sites in 2011. In 2014 he joined Something Digital and began working as a Magento developer. Today, he leads development efforts on Something Digital’s Stategic Engagement team.

Max is passionate about contributing back to open-source projects. Technical topics that interest Max include time series databases and visualization tools, profiling and performance optimization and load testing / traffic simulations. He graduated with a degree in Music Technology from Northeastern University and enjoys playing the drums in his free time.