Software Engineer at Crimson Agility, passionate for Open-Source, Remote Work and Continuous Improvement. Also MCD & MCD+


Reading and writing code is what developers do – by far – the most. We do it all the time. Since coding is undoubtedly the #1 thing we do, shouldn’t we frequently ask ourselves: Are we doing it in the cleanest, successful, and most pragmatic way possible? Let’s get rid of the poorly written code and consequently countless hours of energy being drained, trying to understand the smelling codes. This talk is about diving into values and principles for software craftsman.

More about Matheus

Matheus Gontijo is a Software Engineer whom has been working focused on web applications using several technologies as PHP, Zend Framework, Symfony, Doctrine and mostly Magento. He’s excessively passionate for Clean Code, Coding Standards, Best Practices, the Open Source ecosystem, Remote Work & the community’s atmosphere. Also he has talked and attended a large number of PHP & Magento conferences all over the world. Over 6 years working with Magento he has also in his belt two Magento Certifications: MCD & MCD+.