Working at Magento: Peter: ~1 year; Danielle: ~6 months

Both speakers have attended Magento events, given Magento-internal talks in the Austin office, and engage in user feedback sessions. Danielle has additionally spoken at meetups.

Talk Synopsis

This talk will allow developers to better understand the three layers of design: Visual, Interaction, and Product Design. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions to guide the design project towards an achievable goal, how to check design assumptions during development, and how to measure success once your new store experience is out in the world.

More about Danielle

Danielle Mundle brings both agency and in-house UX research experience to her current research role at Magento. She engages “all the friends” (users) of the platform in feedback sessions to inform the design of new and existing features and to improve workflows. Outside of work, she is terrible at figuring out public transportation but can eat her weight in sushi.

More about Peter

When our future AI overlords take over, Peter Mintchev will switch to producing reminders of the joys of tactile reality. In the meantime, he is focused on making the virtual world more familiar to humans. He does this from the position of user experience designer at Magento.