Made Demo is a new contest we will be hosting this year. Four teams will have 15 minutes each to demo a Magento feature live on stage. NO POWERPOINT ALLOWED, this should be a live demo of your feature. It does not have to be commercially ready but it does have to be demonstratable. The best part? each team competing will get up to four free tickets to Mage TItans Austin!

Prizes include:

• 1st Price $500 + 10x Social Media
• 2nd Prize $100 x 10x Social Media. (Or a set of steak knives)
• 3rd and 4th prices – Social Media

The best demo will be judged by the audience after the last presentation and prizes awarded at the end of the event on Friday.

if you are looking for somewhere to show off your Magento feature, extension or idea this is the perfect place to do it as the audience will be packed with people from Magento.

Click here to check out the agenda for Mage Titans USA (subject to change) and for updates please follow @MageTitansUS on Twitter.

Competition Rules

• Entrants must be over the age of 18
• Entrants must have a feature that they have authored. (No plagiarism!)
• Entrants must be present to win (Duh!)
• Winners will be announced live at the event as well as Magetitans USA website and social platforms.
• To win entrants must present their feature live on stage to the audience. The Internet will be provided. You may also use your local environment (Strongly encouraged)
• Prize: $500 check or $100 check + social media mentions.
• Winners will be chosen by the Audience via paper ballots at the event.
• MageTitans, Wagento and Space 48 employees are not eligible to enter the competition