Speaker Interview – Phillip Jackson

Phillip Jackson
– Learn as we go

Interview with Phil Jackson by Madeleine Peterson

Madeleine: Who are you excited to see/meet at MT? 

Phil:  Excited to SEE Brent and Susan Peterson. See Rob Long again. Meet Matheus, I’ve only ever communicated with him via twitter and it will be cool to meet him.

Madeleine: Job title?

Phil: Ecommerce evangelist. Been in the e-commerce game for 18 years!

Madeleine:  What can we look forward to about your talk? Sneak peek?

Phil:  It’s important for us to learn from others experiences. We want practical experience from people who’ve experienced it. We need to talk about ‘soft skills’. Responding to uncontrollable events in a chill way. I will be talking about my experience of not being in the place he wanted to be but headed in the right direction.

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