Speaker Interview – Alan Kent

Interview with Alan Kent by Madeleine Peterson

Madeleine: What’s your job/title/what do you do?

Alan: I am the Magento Chief Architect, which means I oversee technical direction and integration of all the different Magento product lines.

Madeleine: Why did you want to get involved in Mage Titans?

Alan: I love catching up with the developer community in particular, get direct feedback from those using the product and to share where we are heading.

Madeleine: Who are you most excited to see/meet at Mage Titans TX?

Alan: Developers! There is no single person – they are all great. I would love to meet and hear the stories of as many different developers, big and small, as possible.

Madeleine: What can we look forward to the most about your speech?

Alan: Magento 2.2 has a number of improvements in deployment tooling. My talk is going to be most interesting to those responsible for deploying Magento from development to production.

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