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Live Streaming at Mage Titans USA
Community organized events like Mage Titans are a real strength of the Magento platform. They create a network of localized conferences around the world that offer numerous opportunities for the community to connect, learn, and share. However, the vast majority of the people working with the Magento platform simply cannot make it to one of these events for various reasons including travel costs and lost productivity. To continue to try and expand the opportunities for community involvement, we want to start experimenting with things like live streaming and creating video content.

Our first live stream event will be at Mage Titans in Austin Texas. We will be streaming interviews and festivities from this event but not the technical talks. If you are interested in watching these live streams, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be notified when we go live: Mage Minute by Jamersan.

Community vs Isolation
Being from rural Alabama, I know what it’s like to be part of a community. I come from the type of community where everyone knows your name, knows your family, and wants to know how your Grandmother has been doing lately. However, this rural community isn’t the type of place that is known as a technological hub of innovation. So, despite having a tight personal community I spent nearly two decades in professional isolation.

Over the last two years, I’ve taken every opportunity to interact with the Magento Community. I’ve been to every major event in the US and have become heavily involved in the Atlanta Magento Meetup and have recently begun sponsoring numerous meet ups throughout the Southeastern US. This community and my increased involvement with it has had a tremendous impact on me and my business. From inspiration by seeing what others are doing to having more information about the future of the product so that I can plan and adjust, it has been nothing short of transformational.

Increase Opportunities for Involvement
Knowing that the majority of the community can’t attend in-person events, what can we do as a community to take it a step further to get them more involved?
There has been quite the debate amongst conference organizers over the merits of live streaming. Attending conferences isn’t cheap: travel, hotels, lost productivity. It’s a worthwhile investment but if all of that content was available online then the only benefit of physically attending would be networking (which I would argue is the strongest benefit) and would result in fewer attendees. 

A combination of live streaming and concepts like NomadMage where you subscribe to a talk given by a presenter may be the key. Virtual tickets and conference chats where offices can sit together and be involved in the conference content may be a solution we see at some point in the near future.

Community Video
Until a widely accepted solution is found, I think we need to continue to experiment and to try to bring community content to as many people as possible. Earlier this year I started a YouTube channel to begin documenting some of the events that I have the opportunity to attend. It’s still in it’s infancy, but I believe this type of content has been underutilized in the Magento Community. We’ve come along way in a couple of months as far as quality and capabilities, but we are still in the first steps of experimenting on how to best use this medium to engage the community. 

Live Streaming
At Mage Titans in Austin, Texas on Friday, Sept 15th, we are going to try something different. We will be live streaming interviews with some leaders in the Magento Community. We are hoping through trial and error, that we can be a part of that pioneering process to find ways to get the community more engaged with events that they cannot attend. If you are interested in watching these live streams, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be notified when we go live: Mage Minute by Jamersan.


TJ Gamble 
CEO and Founder, Jamersan

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