Why non-Magento developers need to attend Mage Titans

Mage Titans is not only about Magento, at the heart of Mage Titans is e-commerce and how developers come up with great solutions for websites, application, and integrations. What this means to the non-Magento developer is that you will see solutions that apply to your platform.

The strength of the Magento community is that it helps all developers better understand commerce. Every unique solution offers an opportunity to apply that solution to another platform. This is the ultimate in the global commerce community. Each developer can bring some solution to other developers across all platforms! There is no reason why a solution that works for BigCommerce couldn’t work for Magento and vice-versa.

So welcome all Non-Magento developers! Our challenge is for you to attend this event and get to know some of the people in the Magento community. Our challenge to you is to come and have a healthy conversation about your platform and why you advocate for it. Our challenge for you is to simply sit through some of the talks that are being presented and learn from other developers. You will find value in every talk and you can take that back to your community and share.

Finally, Our challenge to you is to sign up for MageDemo. Mage Demo is not just for Magento solutions, it is for really cool commerce solutions. Why wouldn’t you want to show off the feature you just developed? This is a great opportunity to bring your knowledge to another community and share what you know!

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