Why BigCommerce users need to attend Mage Titans

If you haven’t noticed, Mage Titans is having its annual technical conference in Austin Texas from Sept 14-16. Mage Titans is not just a great conference for Magento technical users, it is a great conference for any platform user and we will argue that it is even better for a BigCommerce tech to attend this conference.

Magento is a great community full of developers, architects, sysadmin, UX people, TAMs and anyone who cares about commerce. The goal of any client is to sell something and we believe that the best ideas come from requests by those clients to push the boundaries of what is being done online. Why wouldn’t you want to know what exciting things are happening on another platform?

4 reasons why BigCommerce people need to attend Mage Titans Austin.

1) You can connect with other technical people.

It is great to get to know people and Magento people are particularly nice and inclusive. Mage Titans lets you meet other folks in your same space (e-commerce) as well as some of the decision makers at Magento. You can also meet Magento partners and solution integrators. What you won’t find are salespeople and recruiters!

2) Thinking outside the box.

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in what your platform can or can not do and you miss what others are doing on other platforms. Kind of like the Drive Through Window is now common across fast food. There are many things that Magento and BigCommerce have in common. We can all learn from each other. We have common things already like payments and shipping as well as PIM’s. Isn’t it exciting to talk to someone who is doing something on something different?

Mage Titans is featuring the Mage Demo event where you can win $500. At the time of this posting, we are still looking for more Mage Demo. Why not a BigCommerce Demo?

3) Serious amount of fun.

Conferences are always fun and technical conferences are particularly fun for technical people. You are not encumbered by marketing folks or salespeople, you are left to talk pure geek. Who knows, you may have new theories on Game of Thrones? Why not talk about this at Mage Titans. Like to run? Mage Titans is featuring the first annual Big(Lady)BirdRun. Yes, and many Magento devs code and run at the same time. How? Attend the event to find out.

4) It’s in Austin Texas

Well, the last time we checked, BigCommerce was also in Austin.

Get your tickets today!

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