The Magento 2 Magento Certified Solution Specialist Qualification is here

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Eventbrite - Mage Titans USA - Austin Texas

Do you want to know what you need to become a Magento Certified Solution Specialist in Magento 2? Spend a day with us and we will go through what you need to pass this exam and unpack the requirements to help you achieve your goal. At the end of the day, you will have consolidated the Magento knowledge you already have as well as help you identify the areas where you should brush up and get up to date with what you need to learn.

This is an opportunity to put yourself in a position to get the qualification while it is still very new.

The day will be spent going through the Magento’s own criteria to pass the exam in some detail. We will look at examples and answer many of the questions they would like you to know prior to you taking the exam*.

For this fast track course, you will need some prior knowledge of Magento 2. The aim of this course is to help you pull together your strengths and identify your weaknesses so you can address these for the exam.

About being a Magento Certified Solution Specialist (MCSS)

MCSS is a professional qualification that is recognized by Magento and reputable Magento merchants and agencies. It demonstrates that you have a thorough understanding of Magento and can implement this in an e-commerce environment. In short, it’s a great thing to have to show clients and merchants that you have what it takes to help their Magento store succeed.

* The MCSS exam is not part of this workshop. This should be booked separately through Magento when you are ready to do the exam. Full details will be given on the course.

Eventbrite - Mage Titans USA - Austin Texas